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Can aneurysms disappear? Spontaneous regression in size or complete disappearance of an aneurysm is a known phenomenon, more commonly noted in giant intracranial aneurysms. However, reappearance or regrowth of such aneurysms is rare with few anecdotal reports.
How do you know if you have an aneurysm in your stomach? Most people with abdominal aortic aneurysms don't have symptoms. But symptoms may occur if the aneurysm gets bigger and puts pressure on surrounding organs. The most common symptom is general belly pain or discomfort, which may come and go or be constant.
Does altitude affect aortic aneurysm? Hemorrhagic stroke: Arterial blood pressure elevation at high altitude increases the risk of rupture of cerebral aneurysms and arterial venous malformations, as well as carrying a theoretical risk of hypertension-related cerebral hemorrhage.
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